T.R.3 – Light Harvest (Video)

To finish off his trifecta of new releases, Atlanta’s T.R.3 continues to push his artistic boundaries with a psychedelia-leaning new single/video, “Light Harvest.”


Like the preceding releases, this track is also produced by his go-to collaborator, Ariano, an artist who shares T.R.3’s penchant for outside-the-box creative thinking. After dropping a methodical boom-bap with “Derbies & Donuts” and a dose of grime-covered raps on “Hypocrite,” we get to hear their more melodic and left-field side with “Light Harvest.” And to really drive those melodies home, T.R.3 blends his bars with some pure vocals, proving that he’s absolutely one of the most diversely talented cats doing it right now.


To that point, the multi-talented ATLien directed the video as well (he co-directed the previously released “Hypocrite”). His vision completely embodies the borderline-hallucinatory nature of the track itself. It’s a stripped-down and effective means of portraying what is essentially a cleansing of the soul, and it’s all draped in a purple haze that adds an extra dose of surrealism.


Check out the visuals and head over to your preferred digital retailer and streaming platform to support. Remember to check out “Derbies & Donuts” and “Hypocrite” too, if only to fully understand the musical Swiss Army Knife that is T.R.3.

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