D Flowers Showcases Houston Ascent in “She Fleek” Video

unnamed D Flowers Showcases Houston Ascent in "She Fleek" Video

‘Represent poverty’ – that’s the message D Flowers portrays through his music, and his new track and video “She Fleek” are no exception. The song and video come through Texas indie label Stomp Down, where D Flowers is one of the first recording artists on record. On the surface, the video showcases the nu-typical rapper-rich lifestyle, buzzing with cars, women, and luxurious real estate. However, D Flowers’ bellowing vocals tell a different story of prosperity after overcoming a life of severe poverty and legal troubles in Houston, where the rapper calls home.

“Remember when I was in jail / Stuck in that cell they ain’t wish me well / I had to change like a wishing well.”

D Flowers tells his story of poverty-to-prosperity using a quick, lyrical wit that few others possess. It’s as if he’s giving away bits and pieces of himself one at a time, allowing the audience a chance to see into his identity-rich personality. In this way, D Flowers puts himself atop Houston’s rap pedestal with a friend and frequent collaborator Maxo Kream. The two are continuing the Texas city’s legacy of producing genre-changing artists, much like Bun BSlim Thug, and DJ Screw before them.

Amidst a strong new wave of artists coming out of Houston, few are as rooted in their identity as D Flowers. Being one of the first artists signed to Texas independent label Stomp Down, the “one of one” talent has become a force in his city, known for bellowing, high-octane vocals and a knack for inventive flows.

Beyond the music, Flowers makes it clear that he represents two things: poverty and the ability to overcome poverty. His unique approach to hip hop fused with his strong identity is already beginning to stand out. Houston is on the way up, and Flowers is among the leading factors.

After a run of buzzing singles released over the last two years, Flowers is currently looking towards his debut project. He wants the upcoming release to represent who he is and where he’s from, much like his newest singles do today.

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Watch the video for “She Fleek” below.
D Flowers – “She Fleek”
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